Train4Texas is automated electronic poker table. Allows players to play against each other now the most popular version of poker Texas Holdem. Train4Texas is designed and developed to eliminate most of the problems of classical-traditional poker tables, allowing operators to easily manage.

The product offers the following features:

No Limit, Pot Limit, Fixed Limit versions of the game
Simply create a profile specific to a particular table (limits, types of games, game parameters)
Cash transactions by electronic card or direct payment of kešijera
The ability to create and manage electronic wallets players
The ability to view previous parties
Localization in multiple languages
A complete monitoring system performance (financial transactions, systems operations, player moves, etc.).
The user interface for kešijere offers a range of functions relating to the management of the poker tables
The user interface for system administrators offers a range of functionality for the maintenance of complete systems
System for automatically updating software version
Integration with existing information and communication system, the casino and / or other information systems
Easy integration with Dataware House environment
The ability to easily create business intelligence reports
Automatic recovery of the table in case of breakdown of the technical environment
Privacy Policy

Why electronic poker?
Inability to use malicious
Drastically reduce the possibility of errors
Controlled access to data
The effectiveness of casinos