HRM application is an open solution for keeping personnel records applicable for use in small firms and in companies in which it operates several businesses.

Functional characteristics are specified by three main content areas: basic records of workers, records associated with the workers and the implementation of competition and employment.

Registration of basic information workers

The content of basic records
Some employees work in several companies
Workers at a certain time
Workers on refinancing
Status of work

Recording of data associated with workers

Formal educational attainment
Recording of job
Other knowledge and skills
family members
The records of holidays and days off
Records of previous employment
Records of employment and appointment in Mozzart
Records of awards and commendations
records of punishment
records of earnings
Records notes and observations of managers
Evidence of benefit
Records of employee training

There is a control panel that can check whether the training is conducted. The training can be found, and candidates who are not employed, which means that they have entered into the record at the time of applying.