Information System to support the educational process at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade (hereinafter ISNOP) is implemented as a meaningful and comprehensive functional system to all participants in the teaching process offers a complete, accurate and timely information.

Sad┼żajno observed ISNOP information system contains all records necessary to administer all elements of the teaching-learning process. The main activities can be divided into the following sections:

Student records - including student records with complete data history of the competition, enrollment, graduation and fulfillment of obligations

Study programs - include complete study of formal models of programs that are implemented (or are forthcoming) in college

Teachers' records - including the organization of the Department with the records of the teachers, the records of cases in the department as a dynamic element of the organization continue Entrance examinations - including setting before the competition, the records of candidates, entry of test results, ranking the formation of student enrollment in the study

Test deadlines - include adjustments before and during the examination period, the application examination, input from the conclusion of the exam

The current school year - includes all activities that are defined or adjusted each school year, including the implementation plan of teaching, recruitment of teachers and teaching groups by years of study and schedule nastave.Svi these topics are interrelated and form a unified whole.