For Human Resources Management Service (HRMS) is made integral solution for complete automation of jobs in public administration. The new system offers the advantages of Human Resources Management Service and state agencies and government departments to fill jobs, but potential candidates emerge to fill vacancies on the job. From the standpoint of logical design of IS was divided into a number of subsystems which operate in a distributed environment. By applying SOA concepts is achieved by integration of the subsystems in order to support specific business processes. The information system has covered all the jobs fill jobs, the reporting requirements for completing the job, through the preparation, advertising and competition through the implementation phase, to draft the best candidates for election.

All system users are assigned to specific sections, which they obtained the rights to access parts of the system they designed.
The system shall maintain records of bodies, with their details, systematization, and workplace needs to fill jobs.
Based on the approved purposes of filling the job vacancy is created for him:
edit data on the competition for advertising,
define the members of the selection committee,
add documents accompanying the electoral process,
define the phases of the competition,
generated text advertising competition,
recorded registrations received via portal or application,
monitor the electoral process, including recording stage test documentation and status reports, records and details of the testing phase of testing (such as the type of test to test, examiners, auditors, candidate, premises, equipment, test results, analysis of the passing ...), recording phase of the interview and the candidates at the interview and the formation of the final ranking of candidates,

The system keeps records of available premises and testing equipment.
The system keeps records of existing and potential participants in the competitions.
For each candidate entering the testing phase generates a code under which the candidate is still being tested.