Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration, Belgrade, Serbia

  • System for electronic submission of salary tax and social contribution and connection with Central registry 04/2013.-03/2014.
  • System for application Informative Tax Declaration 05/2011.-06/2012.
  • Tax return administration, integrated system for administration of the return for VAT in Serbia 05/2011.-06/2012.
  • Consolidated tax balance, Data warehouse System, tax balance calculation for all tax payers in Serbia 06/2011.-02/2012.
  • Business Process Improvement for Serbian Tax Administration 03/2011.-09/2011.
  • Implementation of e-document archiving, DWH for storing, auto-classifying and on-line analyses of all data (emails, documents, transactions, audio and video files, photos etc) 02/2011.-04/2011.
  • Unified tax payer registry, system for registration and administration of all tax payers in Serbia 06/2009.-06/2010.

Republic of Serbia, Government Employment Agency, Belgrade, Serbia

Value Chain Group, Pennsylvania 15101, USA

Business Process Transformation Framework, PowerDesigner Implementation 10/2012.-04/2014.

SMATSA AMDT Serbia and Montenegro, Belgrade, Serbia

Implementation of BMMSoft EDMT e-document archivihg, 12/2008.-02/2009.

Sybase INC, Dublin CA, USA 

Development of Sybase PowerDesigner extension for TOGAF 04/2009.-06/2010.

Sports betting "Mozzart", Belgrade, Serbia

Development of BI System, modeling and implementation of MBETDWH DataWarehouse for gaming  12/2008.-06/2009.

Carlsberg Serbia, Celarevo, Serbia

Implementation and adjustment of existing functionalities of Hamilton Sales Force Automation solution 01/2008.-04/2009.

Telekom Serbia AD, Belgrade, Serbia

Installation and configuration of data base, mail and document archiving 09/2009.

Belgrade Fair DP, Belgrade, Serbia

Data base maintenance, and modeling and implementation of access controle application 2005.

Imlek Boka, Zelenika Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Implementation and adjustment of existing functionalities of Hamilton Sales Force Automation solution 01/2009.-05/2009.

Indas, Novi Sad, Serbia

Major Event Project Management System 06/2009.-11/2009.

Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Reverse engineering and analysis of existing database structures, business analysis, modeling and implementation DWH system 06/2007.-03/2008.
  • Reader, design and implementation of the Field Force Automation solution. Meter reading, collecting data, GPS coordinate reading, reporting, 10/2010.-02/2011.

European Agency for Reconstruction, Belgrade, Serbia and Eurohealth Group, Soborg, Denmark, 

Electronic Health Record, Project No. 920. Business and System Analysis, development of Health Information System for Basic Health and Pharmaceutical Services. 01/2008.-06/2008.

GIZ Deutsche Gesellshaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Belgrade, Serbia

Development of Management Information System - Business terminology for Serbian Tax Administration 05/2013.-11/2013.